The agency

We are a group of professional freelance interpreters teamed together to provide complete first class solutions to the different language needs of our customers. We are all trained at a Masters’ Degree level in translation and interpretation, and have expertise in different fields of business. The group is led by Cristian Barbieri-Wittwer from our main office in Berlin, Germany, though our interpreters are based and work all over the country and in many other European cities and regions. You can find us in Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt (Oder), Siegen (Lake Constance), Rostock (Baltic Sea), Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg, in Germany; Rome, Bologna, Gorizia, Trieste, Arezzo and Bolzano in Italy; Lyon and Paris in France; Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Brussels, Mons, Liège and Antwerp in Belgium; Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam in the Netherlands (Holland), Prague in the Czech Republic and Poznań in Poland.

Regardless of our work locations we are all very flexible and willing to travel for work. When our schedules allow it, we are also willing to accept urgent assignments from customers that need last-minute interpreters.

Each one of us mainly works within their own fields of expertise earned through many years of experience and continuous training. Despite diversity, we are united by a common passion for our job and utmost interest in the subjects of specialization. To fulfil our passion and interests we strive to continually update our education and training by participating in professional seminars and workshops.

Each one of us has their own specific passions and strong points. Together, we are able to cover quite all the fields of expertise where professional interpretation is required. Here are some of the specialized fields we deal in:

Law and Justice

We work with notaries, solicitors and barristers, law courts and police departments

Business and Economy

Business-to-Business meetings, ordinary and extraordinary assemblies, product presentations, sales training seminars and workshops, meetings with customers, market research events, etc.


Speeches/Electoral meetings and political events held at public institutions, bodies, associations and universities

Social Affairs

Trade-union meetings and events, public offices and bodies, etc.


Training and further education courses, company presentations, product pitches and presentations

Medicine and Pharmaceuticals

Community interpreting, medical congresses, official visits to hospitals, etc.

Send us an email, or call: we will definitely be able to find the interpreter or team of interpreters you just happen to need!

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